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So…How Much Cardio Should You Really Be Doing?

While the “official” recommendation is currently around 150 minutes a week for a healthy adult, the real answer to that really depends on your personal goals.

If your goal is…

To burn fat: try 2-4 HIIT  sessions a week.

To burn fat and build muscle: blend HIIT sessions with strength and resistance training.

Maintain or add muscle (and not burn fat): Strength and resistance training combined with HIIT and or slow burn cardio. I.e. Walking etc.

At HARDT FIT we recommend:






WHY DOES HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) WORK:

HIIT workouts switch between short bursts of intense activity and slower, “recovery” periods of less intense activity.


•…burn fat faster!

•…save time!

•…sculpt lean muscle!

•…cause less stress on your joints!

•…trigger an ‘after burn’ effect, helping you destroy fat long after you’ve finished working out!

•…make you more fit and athletic!

(A 2006 study shows that after 8 weeks of HIIT workouts, participants could bicycle twice as long as they could before the study!)

•..limit muscle loss – with maximum FAT LOSS!

Why Is Cardio So Important?

The benefits of cardio are legendary. To name just a FEW, cardio:

•promotes fat loss,

•strengthens both your lungs and heart,

•decreases the risk of chronic ailments like diabetes and heart disease,

•improves your body’s metabolism,

•increases bone density,

•elevates your mood, and

•gives you that special glow that comes from taking care of yourself–inside and out!

No doubt about it, cardio is an important and indispensable way to look, feel and live your best.

But cardio doesn’t work alone! Try combining with strength exercises and you have the most effective full body fitness plan for all fitness levels. The ROWFORMER is changing the way you feel-look and breath. LIVE HARDT FIT!




Rowing is a great form of exercise, as every major muscle group is called into action during the rowing stroke. It’s also strangely addictive, with rowers of all levels.

Very few rowers – particularly outside elite level – have looked at the benefits that Pilates, and more to the point, HARDT FIT PILATES, can offer them.

But they should. I say this not just as an HF Pilates instructor but also as a rower.

Fundamentally, rowing is a sport that utilizes our body’s levers – their arms, legs and backs – to push the oars through the water. For these levers to be effective it’s important that they stay in good alignment, as any softening will result in a loss of power. This is where Pilates comes to the rescue.

Traditional strength training focuses on large global (power generating) muscles, it tends to overlook local muscles (smaller, stabilizing), this means that while moving through an action the power created may be high, but because the joint isn’t being stabilized a large proportion of this power is being lost.

By making HF PILATES part of their training regime, the athlete will still develop the global muscles, but at the same time they will be working their local muscles, allowing them to stabilize their joints as they move and effectively transfer their force through their bodies and remain balanced while doing so.

The benefits of this are huge: the athlete can now not only develop the force they’re looking for, but also transfer it effectively through their bodies. This means that the rower can now effectively transfer the work from the leg drive through a strong core and arms onto the oar, and by being stable and maintaining good posture they are now effectively creating longer levers – and therefore more boat speed.

The increase in core strength that Pilates creates doesn’t just increase performance; it also has a significant injury prevention effect. It enables the rower to work much more efficiently through the correct target muscles while engaging the supporting muscles, leading to a good muscle balance that prevents injury from either an overworked global, or underworked and strained local muscle.

As a rower myself I can testify that HF PILATES has had a huge beneficial effect on my performance and wellbeing. The improvement in my muscle control has seen a corresponding improvement in my posture allowing technical gains in my rowing stroke. In addition, the increase in my muscular balance has given me a more effective power output. The ROWFORMER simply put is the most effective full body workout machine available on the market today. However, it is not everywhere. The patent pending machine and HF method is currently only in Costa Mesa Ca. and gaining National and International attention. From athletes to hard core workout individuals and those looking to get back into the swing of things, the HF method and ROWFORMER is one to try. Experience results like never before in one 55 minute workout and see results on one week!